GSP Club Victoria Members Fun & Training Day

KCC Park – Westernport HWY Skye


On Saturday the 1st of December the club ran a training day / get together at KCC Park. The idea of the day was to provide a benefit to members, a get together for a social gathering close to Christmas and to provide training and encouragement to members looking for assistance.

It turned out to be a great day, I am not sure of the actual attendance but there would have been at least 30 people in attendance and we gained a lot of new members and met new GSP enthusiasts. The weather was relatively kind, it was a bit warm for the field work but we had the large dam to cool off the dogs as required and a couple of marquees to provide shade.

Many thanks to the hard working and happy committee members who came along and helped out on the day. Some of the tasks that they performed included setting up marquees, cooking the BBQ, taking new memberships, providing show training, providing field & training, taking photos and generally being available to chat to anyone with questions.

Special thanks to non-committee members Steve Luck who brought along pigeons and assisted with the field training out in the sun, and Leanne O’Sullivan who assisted with retrieving training. The committee and the attending members greatly appreciate your assistance.

Members – it’s over to you. We had a lot of people ask us how often we run these days and when our next one would be, and to be honest we said that we don’t run them very often as in the past they have not been well attended. We are very happy to run these events so please let us know that you are interested. We can vary the format to provide training in just one area such as starting out in the field, beginning retrieving, getting ready for trialling, RATG, etc. Or we can repeat a combined day, it’s up to you. If you would like to give us feedback you can email any member of the committee, including the newsletter editor.

Speaking of the newsletter editor, Raelene would love to receive photos and articles from any club member. It can be as simple as emailing a cute photo of your dog with a short description or you can write up a full article! The club and the newsletter are for the members, please get involved.