We hope to see you at our Annual General Meeting ..... 

The Annual General Meeting of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Vic Inc. is to be held  at KCC Park on Tuesday the 16th of October at 8pm. 


1.         Present

2.         Apologies

3.         Secretary reads minutes of previous AGM

4.         Matters arising

5.         Correspondence

6.         Presidents Report

7.         Treasurers Report

8.         Presentation of Annual Awards

9.         Nomination for Committee

Here are the nominations for the GSPCV Committee 2018/19

President 1 Required Peter Allen
Vice President 2 Required David Blacker, Russell Thomas
Immediate Past President 1 Required Mal Park
Secretary 1 Required Vicki Thomas
Assistant Secretary 1 Required Diane McCann
Treasurer 1 Required Katya Gray
Committee 8 Required Tony Carpenter
Lesley Jehu
Raelene Trimble  
Barbara Walter
Russell Whitechurch
Kerry Winters

Further nominations can be accepted from the floor on the night. 

10.      Notice of Motions

#1       That Top Showing GSP Points allocation be changed. Click Here for Motion #1.

            Motion by Heidi Hartig 2nd Mark Nielsen

#2       That the preceeding motion be actioned immediately for the 18/19 year.
            Motion by Heidi Hartig 2nd Mark Nielsen

#3       To introduce an 'All Breeds Award Of Excellence' for 2019 and leave the breed specific Dunfriu & Opposite Show Trophies unchanged. Click Here for Motion #3.
             Motion by Raelene Trimble 2nd Michael Hodges

#4       A $10 Membership Category be added for non-members who attend Members Day to cover insurance and encourage new members.
            Motion by Diane McCann 2nd by Raelene Trimble

11.       General Business
            For discussion - the Club Year be changed to a Calendar Year.
For 2019 Members get 5 months for free (August 2018-December 2019) and Club Awards cover 17 months.